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Pink, Butterflies & "the Broncos": Every Card Tells a Story

I've been truly blessed, and the past two weeks have been especially wonderful.

Firstly, my friend, her daughters, and I visited a local farm, Falcon Lake Farms, that recently opened an affordable event venue. (We may have taken a wrong turn and found ourselves on a dirt path that eventually led us to an open pasture surrounded by woods 😅 ) They hosted an open house at their new venue with a craft fair-type shopping experience for local businesses. It was fantastic! The owners, Lisa and Diane, are some of the most friendly, real, true grit people I've ever met. My friend and I made great connections that we're excited to develop further this year. Stay tuned for more!


Secondly, and most importantly, I had the absolute privilege of creating something truly special – a heartfelt card for a beautiful young lady.

My good friend, let's call her Miss K, approached me with a unique request. She's student teaching a second-grade class and one of her students, P, lost her older brother. Interestingly, P's brother went to school with Miss K. P mentioned that Miss K reminded her of her brother and she liked her because of that. Together, they decided to make and sign a card in memory of P's brother. The only challenge was making the card.

Miss K turned to me, explaining the situation. I immediately knew I had to create the perfect card. When I asked her about the card's theme, Miss K shared P's requests: pink, butterflies, and Broncos colors with an "I love you or something like that." What a challenge! But no challenge is too difficult for this card lady. I knew I could pull it off. I had to!

So here we are:


Pictured: "'Bronco colors', pink, & butterflies" custom card

My heart is full. I hope P loves the card (she did approve the proof). Miss K is overjoyed. This is why I do what I do.

Thirdly, we had a record breaking week in sales at 31 Rubies! To say I am excited is understated.

Finally, it might be hard to believe that despite crafting all these cards (along with my mother, when she has time), I still face real challenges with my hands. The extent of the damage is quite extensive, yet somehow, God aids me in creating these cards. I often wonder why. I pray for His guidance, seeking His help daily. Tonight marked a significant moment—I could play my guitar somewhat decently! No doubt the finger pick helped also. I used to play in moments of sadness and despair, but when this condition emerged, that solace was taken away. I learned to lean on God instead of a mere instrument, and now, He is restoring my hands. They are coming back to life, and I can play again. How great is our God!

I'll shout it from the rooftops,
I'll sing it all my days:
How great You are, oh Lord!
How perfect are Your ways!

(a snippet of a poem I wrote; you can read the rest in a previous post if you wish)

Thanks for reading :)
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