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Some days are tough.

Today was a good day in many ways, yet my heart is still sad. I had many prayers answered today. God is good, all the time.
Here's a little victory: my mom took me shopping, and I tried on JEANS of all things, in a dressing room! 6 PAIRS!!! I did it without help, and I didn't fall over. I was a little tired afterwards, though. And yesterday, I was able to feel my boot on the back of my calf when I zipped it up. It's strange, the sensations you notice after they've been gone a while and start to come back. I don't think anyone understands quite the depth and magnitude of this CIDP attack on my body except for my momma. That's ok. How could they? 
Sometimes, poems just pop into my head like bubbles. Sometimes, I can't express how I feel using words but I can in a poem. This is what came to be tonight.

I'll shout it from the rooftops,
I'll sing it all my days:
How great You are, oh Lord;
How perfect are your ways!

Your faithful, loving kindness,
It cannot compare
To any worldly pleasures -
Which lead to despair!

If I am full of sorrow,
I will still rejoice;
Even when I think you don't,
You always hear my voice.

When my heart is saddened,
Or maybe I'm dismayed -
You're faithful and you listen
To the words which I have prayed.

You sent your only Son
For sinners just like me.
Our hope and our salvation,
Through Him we are set free!

The Lord God is my strength and my song; He has become my salvation.

Also, I made the cutest Honey Bee card series and I love them so much. I'm going to make several more cards with a variety of sentiments that coordinate perfectly with the "Say Hello & Thank You" Honey Bee cards.

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