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Keep on keepin' on

Even when life tries to knock my feet from underneath me, God is always so good.

I just started physical therapy this week. Starting occupational therapy in a couple weeks. My therapist asked me on Monday what my goals were, and I said I wanted to do things to help me get back to work and driving again. And then... I lost my job Tuesday. Super bummed. I had plans to use what I've learned with graphic design to help with our community outreach. That also means I will no longer have health insurance through them, which was a HUGE blessing this year. 

Just the day before I found out my position was terminated, we got our first big custom order. Coincidence? I think not. Also, my grandfather found a used recumbent bike in great shape for a really good deal, and he bought it for me before this bad news. So I will be able to do exercises even if I cannot afford physical therapy any longer. Another coincidence, perhaps? Nah.

This is my full time job for now. I really mean it when I say that every purchase aids in my recovery. I started card making as a fun form of occupational therapy, after all.

In other news, we have a sale going until 12/20 at 11:59 CST. BOGO all Winter Wonderland cards, and 25% off all other products! Discount automatically applies at checkout, and other coupon codes will combine. Also, stay tuned - exciting things are coming in January!

So, buy our cards! ;)

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