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It is my birthday.

(Written 12/20/2023)

I find myself reflecting on the peculiar celebration of the day I entered this world. It's a curious thing to commemorate, considering I played no active role in it. Nevertheless, gratitude fills my heart, directed towards my parents, whom I am thankful for.

As I embark on the journey of my 30th year, a milestone I once questioned reaching, I am flooded with unexpected appreciation. Fifteen years ago, the mere thought of reaching this age seemed distant and trivial. I vividly recall teasing my Aunt Stefanie about her age, never imagining I would one day actually be in her shoes.

Gratitude overwhelms me on this day, prompting reflection on the cards life has dealt me. My father's influence, marked by dedication and a strong work ethic, remains a guiding force. His gift of stubbornness, initially perceived as a thorn, has become both a challenge and a blessing, propelling me through the challenges of this past year. His pride in me has always been a driving force. How I wish to hug his neck. Maybe soon, I can.

Equally, my mother's teachings resonate deeply. She instilled in me the power of perspective and the autonomy to shape my own narrative. Her enduring love, devoid of pride and boasting, became a lifeline during a year when I felt helpless and undeserving. Her care, encouragement, and unwavering support are gifts beyond measure.

The wisdom of my grandmothers echoes, reminding me of God's mercy, grace, and love. Their care during my weakest moments and their role in shaping my parents contribute to the person I've become.

In the tapestry of gratitude, I reserve a special place for my sister, who has weathered a challenging year alongside me. My daily prayers extend to her happiness and well-being, as well as to my brothers. 

On a lighter note, I got a puppy! 🐾💕 His name is Augustus (McCrae).


As I navigate this new chapter, I am reminded that life, with all its complexities, is worth celebrating.

I end this post with my favorite song by King George:

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