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I Didn't Kick the Bucket: Crafting Cards Through Life's Challenges

When you choose 31 Rubies Designs, you're not just picking a card; you're helping me in my recovery, allowing me to celebrate the victories. Let's talk about it!

Life threw me a curveball with CIDP in the beginning of 2023 (#LuckyGirl2023 went right out the window), making every small step a victory. Imagine being classified "disabled" against your will, relearning basic motor skills and how to walk at 29, and regaining that independence, one step at a time. In addition to the severe sensorimotor neuropathy, my autonomic nerves we also heavily damaged. Sharing my wild journey might sound like a tale from a movie, but I promise, it's my reality. Buckle up for a ride through the unbelievable twists and turns that led me to this moment. 

Picture this: September, a brush with death, and God stepping in to save me. Organ failure, water retention pressing on my lungs—sounds like a grand ol time, right? But here I am, living to tell the tale. 

"So, what did the doctors do?" A diuretic injection, an albumin infusion—basically a medical rescue mission. They kept me home, not because I was in the clear, but because, well, I hadn't kicked the bucket yet. 😅 Talk about medical optimism!

"Oh my! What else happened?" Ever heard of losing over 100 pounds in six weeks? No, not the usual way. They could not perform a paracentesis, because a lot of the water was actually in my flesh. With the help of God, diuretics and castor oil packs, my body bid farewell to epic water retention: 102 pounds. In. 6. Weeks. Do you know how that leaves the body?? Cue the blank stare and a chuckle! 😲 And then they thought my kidneys must be shot, but they're not. I felt like they were in a hurry to chop me open and give me new parts. I had faith that I would make it through. I knew there were an army of people praying for me, many of whom I have never met! 

I was also on thyroid meds, but not anymore. The journey wasn't just about water weight; it reshaped my entire health narrative. Fast forward to February 2024, and here I am—medication-free, feeling fantastic. I take a mix including selenium, choline, milk thistle tincture, Youngevity (seriously, a game-changer), and a dash of daily electrolytes. And back to mobility - it wasn't easy, but in December 2023, I tossed away the cane. Only three months prior, I was on death's doorstep with organ failure and could barely walk 5 feet! Small wins, big smiles! 🚶‍♀️✨ 

Life's a rollercoaster, and my health journey has been a wild ride. Through the ups, downs, and unexpected turns, I've learned to laugh (cue Scarlet Charlotte and Violet Beauregard), marvel at the absurdity, and appreciate the miracles—big and small.

Ever miss the warmth of sunlight without realizing it? I did until just a month ago. Life's funny that way, teaching us to appreciate the little things, like feeling the sun on your face, or the texture of a soft sweater, or my puppy's ears. ☀️ All that I have mentioned is only a small portion of what I experienced. 😅

CIDP brought emotional storms too—the disbelief from those close to me that i was, in fact, very unwell; the loss of independence. But you know what? It's okay. It's made me stronger, more resilient. Sometimes, you find your strength in the most unexpected places.

In the shadows, there was a guiding light. God's grace, my mom's care—constants in a world of uncertainties. Family, faith, and a dash of creativity, the perfect recipe for weathering life's storms.

Crafting these cards became my haven once I could start using my hands somewhat—a surprising source of peace. Daily prayers, seeking guidance and help to glorify God in all I do—it's become a rhythm, a dance between spirituality and creativity. Beauty amidst chaos, who'd have thought? ✨

Each card is a piece of my journey—love, gratitude, and the sweet taste of celebration. They're not just cards; they're stories, unique and crafted with heart.

Like a rare gem, no two are alike—each carrying the energy of resilience and the joy of overcoming. 💖Choosing a card isn't just a transaction; it's an invitation to share a piece of my heart, a nod to our shared resilience, and a salute to the beauty of life's unexpected twists. Let's celebrate triumphs, big and small! 🌈

WOW! Thanks for reading, if you made it this far!

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P.S. look what I made! (in case you didn't know, I am a giant dork)
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