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Hands Tell a Story


The Robinson Family by Devon Howard


 My mother, her mother, her mother, and I (yes, 4 generations!) were blessed with the opportunity to have a photoshoot done together!

Pictured: Devon (left), Amanda (middle top), Wendy (right), and Joan (front center)

Tasha, the photographer behind the beauty of life photography, said she loves hand pictures because hands tell a story. They sure do! Let me elaborate:

My Nana is 92, with nearly a century of life's tales etched in the lines of her hands! Her hands comforted my own numb, burning ones many times over the last year.

Pictured: Devon (left) and Joan (right)

My Mom (grandmother, yeah I know, confusing. You can blame my uncle) has comforted me with her hands, with steadfast, constant, unconditional love in my life!

Pictured: Wendy (left) and Devon (right)

My Momma would have been the same if I'd have let her. However, I admit, I wasn't the wisest in my earlier years. And when push came to shove, she took care of me while I was on my deathbed, forgiving all without hesitation!

Pictured: Amanda (left) & Devon (right), founders and owners of 31 Rubies Designs

Speaking of my momma, when she found out about the photographer's love of hand pictures, she freaked out 😅 Red Aspen to the rescue! 10 minutes before we had to leave, I popped on a set of press-on nail dashes on her like a breeze. 💅💁‍♀️

And then there's my hands, soft and pretty with nice nails and trendy rings. LOL
Rings: I wear copper for joint pain and swelling 😅
Softness: Soft hands are not what I prefer! Give me dirt, gardens, livestock, and callouses!
Nails: I figured, well, if I can't have calloused hands like I used to, I might as well have nice nails! 🤣 And that, my friends, is why I got involved with Red Aspen nail dashes.

Pictured: Wendy (left), Joan (left center), Amanda (right center), Devon (right) and Gus Gus (lol)

Also, I want to give a shoutout to a very talented artist (and my new friend) Holly with Holly•Mer•Clay! I met her at the Boot Scootin' Boutique Bash in Neosho while picking up something from my friend Izabel with H&I Designs. Holly makes fantastic polymer clay earrings. I happened to ask her if she had any earrings that would match my outfit for this photoshoot that was coming up, and she offered to make some custom earrings! Upon sending a photo of my floral jeans, she made this BEAUTITIFUL earrings - going off of a PICTURE! I'm impressed, my family is impressed, Tasha is impressed. Lol! How blessed I feel to have made all of these connections!


Pictured: Devon, owner of 31 Rubies Designs, wearing custom earrings by Holly•Mer•Clay

Until next time,
Devon Howard
Owner | Designer | Maker

PS: Go see H&I Designs for all your custom embroidery needs!

PS again: Man, God has drastically improved my health since December!

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