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Remembering Yiayia: A Sticker with a Story

At 31 Rubies Designs, you may soon come across a sticker that bears the hashtag #yiayia. So, what's the story behind this unique symbol? Allow us to share a heartfelt tale that weaves together memories, friendship, and the legacy of a beloved woman named Helen.

Every time you spot the #yiayia sticker, it's a nod to the cherished memory of Helen, fondly known as Yiayia by everyone who knew and loved her. Helen holds a special place in the hearts of two wonderful women, Lisa and Diane (among a great many others, I'm sure!), who happen to be dear friends of mine and cherished companions of 31 Rubies.

Lisa and Diane, two daughters of Helen, have shared touching stories about their mother, emphasizing the profound impact she had on their lives. Conversations with them reveal the depth of Yiayia's significance and the love she inspired. It's a testament to the enduring connection between a mother and her daughters.

Pictured: Diane (right) & Lisa (left) of Falcon Lake Farm and Devon (center) of 31 Rubies

In collaboration with these fantastic ladies at Falcon Lake Farm, we have come together to remember this exceptional cardmaker. From what I've learned, Helen had a special touch that brought joy wherever she went. Her spirit of warmth and creativity continues to inspire us.

While I may not have had the privilege of knowing Helen personally, the love and stories shared by Lisa and Diane have left an indelible mark. In my heart, I aspire to embody the same spirit of joy and creativity that Helen brought into the lives of those around her. Though I may not have known her in this lifetime, I know the day will come when our paths will cross.

So, the next time you come across the #yiayia sticker in our collection, remember that it's more than just an emblem—it's a symbol of love, remembrance, and the beautiful connections that transcend time. Join us in honoring Yiayia's memory and spreading the joy she so effortlessly brought into the world. One day, we hope to carry on her legacy and bring a little more happiness into the lives of those we touch.

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Devon Howard
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