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Elevate Your Special Moments with Handcrafted Elegance

In our pursuit of providing you with effortless, unparalleled personalizations, we're thrilled to introduce our Choose Your Sentiment collection—a curated line of stylish and customizable greeting cards designed to transform your special day into an extraordinary celebration.


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Tailor-Made Elegance:

The essence of this collection lies in its customization options. We understand that your sentiments are as unique as you are, and our collection is here to reflect that. Choose the sentiment that resonates with your heart, whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or a simple hello. Your chosen sentiment sets the tone for a truly personalized experience.


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Versatility at its Best:

Our cards offer a delightful twist on personalization. While you have the freedom to choose your sentiment and interior message, if blank is selected, the interior will come adorned with complementary decorations. This ensures that every inch of your card is a masterpiece, brimming with thoughtful details that complement your chosen sentiment.


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Artistry in Every Detail:

At 31 Rubies Designs, we take immense pride in our craft. Each card is an original work of art, meticulously crafted by hand. No two cards are identical, ensuring that your chosen design is as unique as your cherished moments. Our artisans infuse passion and dedication into every creation, ensuring that you receive a product that surpasses expectations.


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Embrace the Uniqueness:

While browsing through our Choose Your Sentiment collection, you might notice slight variations compared to the product photos. Fear not—this only enhances the authenticity of your purchase. Rest assured that you are receiving a unique and extraordinary product, crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.


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How to Make it Yours:

Explore our Choose Your Sentiment collection. Pick a sentiment that speaks to your heart, and customize the interior message to convey your emotions. Perhaps you'd like to leave it blank to add your own personal touch! Revel in the creativity that comes with choosing a card that mirrors your emotions and captures the essence of the occasion.


In the world of mass-produced sentiments, stand out with the exclusivity of 31 Rubies Designs. Elevate your special moments with our Choose Your Sentiment collection, where every card is not just a piece of stationery but a unique expression of your individuality.

Cheers to celebrating life's beautiful moments with a touch of handmade elegance! Explore now.

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Devon Howard Finney
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